Sweet 21st

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happy born day to me..! heee.. even my birthday on last monday (15 July) ..but i am happy with all the things happen to me before, present and after the day..huh..i am so speechless with all that kind of happiness..

oh yeah..the presents from many person also made me happy all the days...heee..thank you very much to all of them cause gave me the 1001 happiness in my life starting on sunday till now..heee..thank you very much to my family cause celebrate my birthday..and also thank you very much to muhammad radzrein b azmi for the meaningful presents...a lot of surprises i think till i am so speechless with that..heee..the happiness began from sunday...and thank you also to someone..your forgiveness are really2 made me happy on my born day even after that i heard many bad story..but i think it past..so, i'm not think about it too much..thank you to all my friends for your wishes..heee...

let me share some of my presents from my beloved persons.. =)

the most important present is...

the celebration from my big families..heee..i am so happy on that day..many things happened on that day..heee..and the cake sponsored by my eldest brother...heee..and the love was from my dear..heee..he wrote the speech..heee..

so, that's all my post today and my happy month also happy week for me..thank you Allah for the 21st years life for me..alhamdulillah..i achieve what i've target before..syukur ya Allah..

salam.. =)