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here we are..!!!! yeayyy.. alhamdulillah..finally all my papers for test finish..and my last paper is yesterday evening..heee..and my plan for this week is RELEASE STRESS..yeahhh..and my first release stress was went to MESRA MALL..heee..

on my way to mesra mall =D from left noien, me and tika-

at 1pm we arrived at mesra mall, kertih..when we arrived there, we had our lunch..haha..sangat lapar okay..and I ate chicken rice for my lunch..heee..not bad..but the condition is too small...for me, it's not enough..urghhhh..tapi2..x nak ikut nafsu mkn...y? because i'm getting fat..ouchhh!

from left -me,ieqa,khira,yana,nurul-

and...our main activities at mesra mall is watch 3AM..hahaha..nice movies..i think not too horror..just the scenes more to of my friends shout near my ear..and my junior hold my hand..and i? just watch the movie..hahaha..

the movies duration is 1 hour and 30 minutes..wehuuuuu..seems like i did not realize that the duration because i like the, my opinion is..the movie is horror n best movie that i ever, to people out there, watch this movie..heee.. =D